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2014 Fab10 最佳创客:W.Afate 3D printer

2014 Fab10 最佳创客:W.Afate 3D printer

【Fab Lab FBI 创客空间报导】2014 Fab10 最佳创客得主是来自非洲 Togo 的两位多哥人运用废弃的 PC主机设计的「W.Afate 3D printer」多哥人年轻人以 fablab精神,写下这种新技术革命的最美丽最有前途的一页。






W.AFATE origins

The W.AFATE printer is inspired by the Prusa Mendel which is one of the models had been put together at the Woelab-Lomé during the Achicamp 2012, thanks to a kit brought from France.
Very spontaneously, Afate identified the problem posed by the availability of a kit in the realization of this project and initiated the process of manufacturing an empowering machine easy to reproduce, 100% based on recycling and other materials available anywhere.

Interest is focused on IT debris namely the CPU (central processing unit), printers and scanners. The architecture of the CPU is suitable as a framework for the machine, the rails and motors for printers and scanners are here to give life to a 3 – Printer craft whose heart is the Arduino board. W.Afate name is a composition of “W” WoeLab, and “Afate” the name of the inventor.

Being supposed to provide solutions adapted to African conditions and realities, it’s an initiative, part of the HighLowTech ethic provided by the WoeLab, meant to equip the various social strata with proximity technology and they also provide the ability to create their own machines with a very detailed and simplified documentation.